Up2Us Sports Turns Seven!

Today, Up2us Sports celebrates our seventh anniversary. Seven – a number often associated with luck. Well, I do feel lucky. Half of start-up nonprofits fail within the first five years. And, of those that survive, only 20% grow to our size and budget. But is it really luck? After all, many who study luck recognize […]

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The First Six Months: Nonprofits Need to Hire Veterans

Paul Caccamo Up2Us Sports Founder & CEO Many veterans have told me the first six months is what really matters. They are referring to the immediate time when they have finished their tours of duty and returned home to civilian life. During these first six months stateside, our military veterans must navigate a unique and […]

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Six Years, Six Accomplishments

Paul Caccamo Founder & CEO Up2Us Sports This week marks the sixth anniversary of Up2Us Sports. This organization was founded to create a movement in America that asks all of us to rethink how we view sports and its role in our society. We want every child in this country to have access to sports. We want every […]

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Give a Coach This Holiday Season

For this holiday season, will you give a coach? Often when I meet successful adults, I ask them what, if anything, contributed to their accomplishments.  Do you know what many of them say? “It was my high school coach who believed in me…” “It was my football coach who inspired me…” “It was my track […]

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“I Do” vs. “I Can”: Marriage Equality and Youth Sports

This summer, Americans witnessed the highest court of the land deliver a message to LGBTQ youth that one day they too, can say “I do.” But little more than a month prior to the ruling, a rather startling survey revealed that many LGBTQ youth continued to suffer from widespread prejudice in sports settings across the […]

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Why Pope Francis Should Join My Board of Directors

Paul Caccamo Founder & CEO Up2Us Sports – Youth sports are in desperate need of reform. Less and less kids are playing sports in America and kids from disadvantaged economic backgrounds are seeing their sports programs cut entirely. This is not just an issue of the decline of one our great pastimes, it is the […]

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Up2Us Sports Founder on Why He Bikes Everywhere in NYC

– Paul Caccamo Up2Us Sports Founder & CEO I swerve through Times Square, glide through Herald Square, pedal past the Flat Iron Building, and zoom down 5th Avenue to Washington Square Park. I am one of those insane New Yorkers who is a biker. I bike everywhere—to work, to the gym, to the opera, to […]

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A Must Read From the Up2Us Sports Founder: We Need Our Children to Play Again

The report discusses flaws in current youth sports programs and provides 12 recommendations for integrating sports-based youth development (SBYD) into communities and youth sports programs across the U.S. SBYD is based on the premise that sports are a critical venue for supporting and encouraging the positive development of youth participants. Download the report here. “At […]

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What Youth Sports Can Do For the Mentoring Movement

Did you know, sports could triple the number of mentors in this country? That’s because coaches are the largest untapped source of mentoring in the nation. For one reason, many coaches still see themselves as just that, “coaches” and not as “mentors”. They view their primary goal as teaching their players athletic skills and strategies for […]

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Happy Holidays from Up2Us!

Your gift this holiday season has the potential to give one kid a coach to guide them through the daily challenges they face on the field, in school and in the community. Here’s how: I want you to imagine. A child who knows that he or she is capable of being someone. This child deep down […]

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