Picture of kids soccer training match with shallow depth of field. Focus on foreground.
Marnisha Mintlow Has Been a Marine, a Teacher and Now as an Up2Us Sports coach, She Is ‘Super’

To the kids she coaches Marnisha goes exclusively by ‘Coach Super.’ The moniker doubling as a nickname and the perfect embodiment of her life and commitment to young people. Hearing Marnisha’s story, her nickname becomes less surprising. Born and raised in Dayton, Ohio she grew up in a religious family where both of her parents […]

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Corey Edwards_GMU Hoops1
An Up2Us Coach Sets His Sights On Coaching Division I

  In two years, Corey Edwards’ goal is to be coaching in the Division I ranks, the highest level of men’s college basketball. For a lot of basketball coaches, ascending to Division I is aspirational at best, but for Corey it feels more like an eventuality. This feeling is born from his lineage and experience […]

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Coach Chanice: Using Dance as a Powerful Tool for Youth Development

In every aspect of her work as a dance coach at ARISE Academy you can see the strategies Chanice learned at the Up2Us Sports training.  One example of this is helping kids who struggle to behave by giving them opportunities to matter. “One of [my] students likes to talk back, he likes to talk the entire class so […]

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Coaching at Soccer Without Borders Helped Patrick Move Forward

Patrick never intended to be a coach. In fact, he wasn’t planning on becoming a coach until just a month before he became one. Patrick Makles was going to be an Army Officer. “I wanted to serve in the Army since middle school and I was thinking of enlisting right out of high school but […]

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Veteran Coach Sean Johnson Making an Impact in Philadelphia

My name is Sean Johnson and I am a veteran of the United States Air Force. I served in the Desert Storm conflict, returned home and was shot in the back in my neighborhood. I was left a paraplegic with little hope from the medical establishment that I would ever walk again. There was a […]

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Coach Ryan Blurry Background
Finding his Passion: How one San Diego lawyer became a devoted youth soccer coach

Ryan Shera has always had a passion for soccer and for coaching. As a former soccer player himself, Ryan understands the true reward of hard work, teamwork, and leadership that soccer can bring. After graduating college and attending law school, Ryan began working at one of San Diego’s largest law firms, and at the same […]

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Carolyn Tilney (Brown) and Tempest Bowden (Mount Holyoke)
Coach Tempest: Squash Provides Relief and Opportunity

Tempest Bowden started at the bottom. Literally. “I grew up in West Philly, in a neighborhood called ‘The Bottom.’ Most people don’t know it was called ‘The Bottom’ because of where it was located in relation to a river, but a lot of people call it ‘The Bottom’ because it was the hood – it […]

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Memphis Coach Runs Alongside Youth to Teach Teamwork and Effort

Coach Nick got his start at Memphis Athletic Ministries back when he wanted to be a teacher, now he’s happy to say he’s 100% coach. The city of Memphis has a strong loyalty to the sport of basketball, so the idea of coaching the sport – admittedly not knowing much about basketball or sports in […]

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Finding Common Ground to Build Relationships with Youth

Langston Hughes Academy sits just a short distance north of the horse race tracks in the Fairgrounds neighborhood of New Orleans. While it looks different now than it did when Unique Snyder was a child – it was completely renovated after Hurricane Katrina hit in 2005 – it has the same distinct smell that she […]

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Noelia and classroom
Coach Across America: Chicago Coach Uses Running to Teach Leadership

A current Serve Illinois AmeriCorps coach at Chicago Run – an organization promoting the health and wellness of Chicago youth through innovative, engaging and sustainable youth running programs – Noelia Fraga brings a unique perspective to coaching that helps her encourage her students to strive to be their best. As a Chicago native and a […]

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