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Hello everyone, my name is Leif Leal and I’m 29 years old. I’m a teacher of physical education, which I’ve been doing for approximately 4 years. Some people will think that this is a silly career or it isn’t so difficult, but they’re wrong. There were 5 long years of studies based on theory and also to practice.

Physical education is something fundamental for our society. That’s why they’re subjects offered from very young ages at school. It essentially is a discipline that covers everything related to the use of the human body.

It can go from practicing any type of sport, doing gymnastics, doing exercises or any other thing that’s benefiting your physical state and keeps you active.

All of these types of activities are necessary because when practicing any of these that are your preference, you will be doing it with much desire and continue carrying out an active lifestyle.

Sports are offered as a subject in all schools as a necessary discipline for health, thus providing positive benefits for you, and thus become a more common habit we can develop either as a practice or hobby or even as a profession.

Doing this type of practice helps reduce the risk of heart disease, hypertension, stroke, diabetes, depression, different types of cancer, also contributes to the improvement of bones. But above all, maintain high energy so you can perform all day and maintain caloric balance and a healthy weight.

Sports are an excellent way to develop positive things like a sense of leadership, unity, socializing with other people, feel empathy for others, try to be better, have discipline and perseverance to get something and much more.

So, not only is it something that will offer physical or mental benefits, but it can also help you as a person and in your personality, particularly to learn to empathize with others.

The objective of UP2 US Blog is to provide help and guidance, making various types of informative publications, facts, recommendations, critics about a product or activity, and many other things.

Obviously, all the information published is completely true, endorsed by professional staff in the area, including myself, a nutrition expert and a doctor who also makes up our team.

This project started a few years ago and now has had great growth which I feel very proud of and I am grateful. We love reading comments, even the negative ones, which help us to be better and try to correct any error or defect.

I’m happy that all the information we provide on this blog, is of great help to all of you. Remember that we must value and take care of our body, and for that, a healthier lifestyle is the most recommended.