Memphis Coach Runs Alongside Youth to Teach Teamwork and Effort

Coach Nick got his start at Memphis Athletic Ministries back when he wanted to be a teacher, now he’s happy to say he’s 100% coach. The city of Memphis has a strong loyalty to the sport of basketball, so the idea of coaching the sport – admittedly not knowing much about basketball or sports in […]

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The Benefits of Stress: How Up2Us Sports is Redefining the Role of Competition, for Good

Up2Us Sports’ Healthy Competition Module is Changing the Way Coaches and Athletes Learn from Stressful Situations By: Bryan Kitch for SportUp Let’s face it: Competition gets a bad wrap these days. And it’s easy to understand why. The world of youth sports has long suffered the strains of difficult coach-parent relationships, of misplaced dreams about […]

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Metro Lax boys team
Coach Across America Recognizes Partner Organizations for 2014-2015 Results

Organizations that host Coach Across America coaches participate in data collection to measure the benefits of a coach trained in Sports Based Youth Development for youth health and life skills. Data collection includes youth fitness tests (the PACER) and youth surveys measuring the High Impact Attributes, a group of positive attributes connected to the sport experience and to positive […]

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